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Hurricane Dorian School Readiness Initiative 2019

Basketball Smiles raised more than $13,000 in emergency funds to help 60 displaced boys and girls get school supplies, personal hygiene products, and mandatory school uniforms after they fled to Nassau from neighboring islands devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Arial Photo of Hurricane Dorian. Photographer: Scott Olson Credit: Getty Images

When the call for help comes we do everything we can to answer. In 2019 the path of Hurricane Dorian catastrophically impacted The Bahamas. Children with nothing but the clothes on their back, and nothing left to go back to, sought refuge in Nassau. Contributions from our donors allowed Basketball Smiles the opportunity to send more than $13,000 in relief funds. We cannot express how grateful we are the people and organizations that make acts of outreach like this possible. Together we make a difference.

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