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Lace 'Em Up and Put Shoes on Their Feet Initiative Begins

Basketball Smiles 2022 Camp was the start of our Lace 'Em Up and Put Shoes on Their Feet Initiative where we identified in-need campers and gifted them a new pair of athletic shoes. The generous donations of our sponsors and partners make this program possible!

Basketball Smiles Lace 'Em Up and Put Shoes on Their Feet Initiative bringing smiles to their faces!

For many of us buying shoes are a luxury that we take for granted. But for the children we serve this could be the only pair of adequate shoes they own. Together we make a difference!

Because the athletic shoes are study and of excellent quality, we expect they will be good for a long time and may be handed down to younger siblings of our campers when they no longer can wear them. We get the best quality for the lowest price to make good use of every donation.

If you could have been there, you’d understand how important these gifts were to children who never have had adequate, or often any, shoes in their lives. We are so thankful for the participation of each and every donor and partner who contributed.

We will be continuing the Lace ‘Em Up Initiative in 2023, as we build on our successes from the camp this year.

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